Health infrastructure should be develop on priority basis: Hek


Former Health Minister and senior BJP legislator AL Hek said the construction of health infrastructure in the state should be completed on a priority basis in view of a surge in COVID 19 cases if 4th wave strikes.

“If the infrastructure is not ready and any surge comes, how we will accommodate people, how we will give health services to the people,” Hek said.

However, he also questioned how to accommodate people in hospitals if health infrastructure is not ready.

“From the day one, we told that the infrastructure have to be ready,” the BJP legislator said.

To deal with the scarcity of beds for COVID-19 patients, the two 100-bed prefab hospitals one in Tura and other in Shillong but both these projects are yet to see the light of the day.

Asked, the former health Minister said, “The prefab construction is not initiated directly from the health department; it is initiated from the chief Minister’s office only.”

It was expected that the prefabricated Covid Care Centre (CCC) at Pasteur Institute, Lawmali Pyllun was expected to be completed but the project was delayed. The project in Tura is far away from completion.