Hek questions MDA Govt proposal to spend Rs 240 cr. on construction at 1 acre land at Police Bazar

BJP leader and former minister Alexander Laloo Hek slammed the MDA government for allegedly proposing to spend Rs 240 crore on a construction at an one acre land at Police Bazar.

The land belongs to the Meghalaya Transport Corporation.

Speaking to reporters, Hek said that he was the only person who had questioned in the Cabinet on the proposal of the government to spend such a huge amount on a small plot of land.

“Who is the fool to believe that we can spend that kind of an amount because Rs 240 crore is not a small amount. We can build a Taj Mahal with Rs 240 crore not a convention centre with that money,” he said.

“I am amazed. I am also running my own business and I understand how will they spend Rs 240 crore in 1 acre of land,” Hek said.

The BJP leader accused the NPP-led MDA government of running the so-called high level in the state.

“They have from the top to the bottom all organized corruption in the state of Meghalaya. People will use their conscience when they will vote…these people has looted the people of the state that also by taking loans. Today people are in debt. Everybody is in debt. Today we are going to pay a price, the loan with interest which is enjoying by the high level,” he said.

Hek said that the BJP is not having any pre-poll alliance with anyone.

“Post poll, we will be working with likeminded parties to ensure a corruption free government,” he added.

He said that working without the BJP and the central government’s help is not possible.

“So everybody have to work with the BJP as it is the only party which can bring development, peace, security and clean government in the state of Meghalaya,” he said.


On the allegation that Mukul and his team will quit the AITC and join the BJP, Hek however said, “If they join the BJP it is well and good but our doors are open. They have got their own political party and we have got our own political party why should we discuss. The doors are open. We welcome to work with anyone which are likeminded people and ensure with condition a free corruption government then only we work.”

He also expressed confidence that the BJP will ensure a double-engine government in Meghalaya. He said, “BJP is the CM face. Whoever comes will be a BJP CM.”