Hek releases two social awareness song on vaccination


Music has become handy as a means to encourage people to get Covid-19 shot. Going the creative way Meghalaya Medical Services Association (MMSA) has come up with two music videos Khasi and English music with an objective to spread awareness about the importance of vaccination in protecting the citizens against the COVID-19.


Health Minister Alexander Laloo Hek on Wednesday released two music videos – “Ka Dawai Ban Iada” and “No Can Stop Us” at a function held at Umsawli Stepdown Hospital in the presence of Director of Health Services (MI) Dr Aman War.


In her opening remarks, a member of the MMSA said that the sole message of these two songs was to urge the people to come forward for COVID-19 vaccination because out of only 9 lakh of 32 lakh population have willingly got themselves vaccinated in the state.


According to her, the songs also enlighten the citizens that vaccination is the only solution against COVID-19. The MMSA also urged people to understand that if they get vaccinated, they will be protected from complications and deaths due to coronavirus.


Addressing the occasion as chief guest, Hek congratulated the MSSA for taking up the initiative to come up with the much needed music videos to further promote the ongoing vaccination drive in the state.


“Despite of their busy schedule and giving their life to protect others, in spite of so many things, you sacrifice your life, your family, your loved ones – still you have time to promote (vaccination) to save people,” he said.


The health minister also said people tend to be hesitant to listen to politicians and those in the community on the need to take the vaccination.


“Today when the experts are saying nobody can stop us…I hope everybody will go for the vaccination,” he added.