Hek says Discipline and maintaining health protocol must to defeat Covid-19 pandemic.

Health Minister AL Hek

As Covid 19 fatalities in the state increase rapidly, with the advent of winter the fear surrounds about the second wave of COVID. 

Recently, the state government has decided to come up with protocols to ensure the safety of the citizens during this festive season.

Health Minister AL Hek asked people to be disciplined and follow health protocols. 

“The state Government from the day one fighting Covid 19, it has not let any stone upturn, we are not saying everything will be normal but with the cooperation and discipline of the people we fight together this covid 19, I request people to maintain discipline and follow the protocol give by the state Government,” Hek said.

The State Government has asked people to be discipline especially with Christmas around the corner. With total COVID 19 cases in the State reaches 12 thousand Plus, and the fatalities continue to increase, health Minister AL Hek said the Government is concerned to protect the life of the people. 

The Covid 19 fatality rate in the state stands at 0.97.

“ We are equally concern from day one and now also we have the same concern, we are here to protect the life of the people there is no chance to play loose anywhere,” he said adding “ This virus is very unpredictable, nobody can predict what will happen next, anything any time may happen so we have to take care of ourselves. “

As the state government was walking a tight rope as far as its financial situation concerning COVID 19 management is concerned, the Government has sought additional funds from the Centre to continue its fight against COVID-19.

“We need another sizable amount to meet the requirement for the management of COVID 19,” Hek said.

Elaborating further he said, “Expenditure is huge and we do not have that much fund for the management of COVID 19, we have to knock the door of centre. I have written a letter to Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan ji while Chief Minister Conrad Sangma had met the Prime Minister. Definitely, they will respond.”

According to sources, the government has sought additional funds of over Rs 250 crore from the Centre to meet the COVID expenses.