High Commissioners of four African countries visit Shillong

Pic courtesy Meghalaya News 24. subject to copyright

Meghalaya News 24 Exclusive

Looking forward to have cultural and Tourism exchange programmes with Meghalaya, the Diplomats from four African countries are on a three day tour to Shillong to experience the beauty of the place.

This initiative is expected to bring in more tourism to this hill state.

 Sharing his though, High Commission of Kenya  to India Ambassador Willy K Bett told Meghalaya News 24, “…We would want to see if there are any linkages between the various countries in Africa and this state, specially the culture exchange, we want to see how collaboration in Terms of Agriculture can happen between this part of India and various countries in Africa. “

Mesmerised by the greenery of Shillong, the High Commission of Kenya  said, “This is a wonderful place. It is an experience of its kind and we have never seen such kind of hilly, beautiful environment and as we begin the tour of this place we already started feeling the warmth of the people.”

The High commissioners of African countries like Zambia, Keneya, Malawi and Tanzania are on a three day visit to Meghalaya. The tour was sponsored by Flybig Airlines.

George C Mkondiwa, High commissioner of Malawi informed that the diplomatic delegation is likely to meet the state Government.

Asked if there will be any proposal for the state Government, High commissioner of Malawi said, “I think that will be done after we have seen and had an exchanges like this then we will know what is the priority aspect for Shillong and any other proposal, you don’t make proposal before you see the environment. Hopefully we will meet the state Government.”

Asked if the visit linked to tourism he said, “our visit is linked to everything as an ambassador and High commission of Malawi in India we represents aspects of life so after seeing the beauty of Shillong and the areas, we will certainly tell our Nationals about the state if they come to India they should not end up with Delhi or Mumbai, they should come to Shillong and enjoy the beauty. “

Judith K K Kan’goma Kapijimpanga, Zambia High Commissioner  expressed her excitement of visiting Shillong.

Asked about tourism connectivity, she said, “ that is one issue which we would like to explore, I come from Zambia and we have huge tourism potential and it would be nice to network with any tourism entity here so that we could have exchange programmes in culture and tourism because being in Africa we are highly cultured people.”

“ So I believe it will be nice to start networking with the entities to have cultural and tourism exchanges, “ the high commissioner added.

Sharing same though, Tanzanian High Commissioner said, “There is a possibility that we may have to ask to Flybig to tie up with Tanzania so that the tourist from Tanzania can visit Shillong via Mumbai or Delhi.”

Meanwhile, talking to media, Flybig CMD Sanjay Mandavia said this will help to boost up tourism in Meghalaya.

“The African countries’ diplomats to be here and visit this part of India , the intention is they will convey the message and more tourism will come to this part of India,” he added.