HITO demands legal action against those involved in mismanagement in Cherry Blossom festival


The Hynniewtrep Integrated Territorial Organization (HITO) has demanded legal action against those involved in mismanagement and violation of law during the just concluded Cherry Blossom festival held at Polo ground.

In a letter to the Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma, HITO president Donbok Dkhar said, “We hope that this time you will wake up and initiate legal proceedings against those found complicit in this event of gross mismanagement and violation of the law.”

He also expressed regrets that the state government had repeatedly permitted events that violate all norms of decent behaviour especially during the ongoing pandemic.

This came after police had to resorted to firing of tear gases  to control a crowd outside the venue of the Cherry Blossom.

Dkhar also slammed the government for charging entry fee for a program that is paid for by the people’s money.

“Foreign liquor and food were sold at exorbitant rates while sadly our local indigenous brewers were not even invited to set up a stall,” he said adding “Extremely unprofessional and poor management of tickets and passes were also widely reported and as such, all colour wrist bands (Orange, White, Black and Green) were permitted on the final day November 27, when it actuality it ought to have been only Black or Green colour ones.”

“Would you not agree that this, in itself proves that there is no account of the people who entered the festival venues over three days and mingled easily without care despite worldwide warnings of the new Covid-19 strain ‘Omicron’. Would you not agree that this is a sure trigger for a super spreader event Sir? If yes, then why was the administration mum all the while,” Dkhar further stated.

He also stated that it is also appalling to exhibit to the world that in Meghalaya special police and flash bangs/teargas are used to tame a modest festival crowd of exuberant young boys and girls who only reacted after they felt cheated by the organizers who sold tickets but denied entry. It is rather shameful that the MDA government only knows how to use guns/violence on civilians, he added.