HNLC appreciates Tynsong for inviting them for peace talks; but refuses to accept the way Dy CM spoke in his statement


HILLONG, JUNE 14: The proscribed Hynniewtrep National Liberation Council (HNLC) on Friday said the outfit we do not accept the way the deputy Chief Minister spoke in his statement, although they have appreciated Tynsong for inviting them for peace talks.

The HNLC leader said that the three HNLC members apprehended by the Ri Bhoi police hail from Block 2, an area marred by territorial disputes where the Assam government periodically encroaches upon our land illegally.


“Instances of violence perpetrated by Assam police against Khasi community members, destruction of agricultural produce by the Assam forest department, and extortion by militants from Assam have been reported, prompting the HNLC to safeguard the well-being and possessions of those residing in this region. Regrettably, the arrest of our associates by the authorities in this zone constitutes a significant detriment to the local populace,” he in a press statement.


“We appreciate Home Minister Bah Prestone Tynsong for inviting us for talks, but we do not accept the way he speaks in his statements,” he added.


“The government of India does not want any Indians to fight for Russia in Ukraine. If the government is concerned for Indians fighting for other countries, we, the HNLC, are concerned about our Hynniewtrep brothers who fight for India at the central and state level. It is high time for our community members in the army and police to realize that their sacrifice and dedication for Indian freedom is just an illusion,” HNLC general secretary-cum-publicity secretary Sainkupar Nongtraw said in a statement.


“We have fought against your country and your government for decades. Please do not underestimate us. We understand the shrewd nature of politicians; do not attempt to deceive us. We are not naive individuals whom you can simply ask to dance, promise us a treat, and then offer us nothing once the dancing is done,” Nongtraw added.


Nongtraw said every time our organization members are arrested by the police department, they propagate a narrative that paints us as criminals and extortionists, while ignoring the true perpetrators of crime and extortion within their own ranks – the corrupt ‘mafia in uniform’ who trample on the human rights of our community.


He said that the prevalence of scams and corruption within the police force, as revealed by Mr Iangrai, the head police officer, further highlights the need for accountability and reform.


“Our community is being treated unfairly by the very laws and those who have sworn to uphold them,” Nongtraw said. He said, “Just this week, we read in the newspaper about a 70-year-old Khasi man from Pyrdiwah who was arrested by the police. He was even subjected to being bitten by a police dog. It is appalling to see how senior citizens are treated in such a manner. Conversely, when individuals who are non-tribals and considered social misfits are arrested, the police treat them with leniency, leading to compromises and dismissed cases.”



“This highlights an unholy nexus between the judiciary system and the political home department in Meghalaya,” he alleged.


Nongtraw also stated that despite symbolic victories such as Mrs. Nongrang becoming the first Khasi lady to hold the post of DGP, there is a concern that she may be manipulated to serve the interests of non-tribal and Garo leaders, undermining her potential to bring about genuine change.



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