HNLC claims responsibility for planting IED bomb at Soo Kilo, under Sutnga Elaka


The proscribed Hynniewtrep National Liberation Council (HNLC) has claimed responsibility for planting an improvised explosive device (IED) bomb with a timer, which led to a huge explosion at Soo Kilo which falls under the Sutnga Elaka in East Jaintia Hills District. 

In a press statement, Outfit’s general secretary cum publicity secretary, Sainkupar Nongtraw on Friday said, “In the explosion, nobody was injured nor had dead, but its impact sent shocking waves in the entire area.” 

Accusing the police department of covering up the facts, he said that the incident was covered up and hidden by the police department because they never want to show that the HNLC is still strong and has its roots all over the Khasi and Jaintia Hills region. 

“The hiding tactics of the police department shall encourage the HNLC to come out with more of such operations, whereby we do not care at all if lives are lost,” he said adding, “If at all any such incidents take place whereby human lives are lost, the police department is sure to blame the HNLC even if we are not involved. “

“We had carried out many such operations in the past without causing any loss of human lives, but every time the police had covered up and this is like trying to instigate us to cause death and destruction,” the outfit alleges. 

 He further reminded the public that the Soo-kilo area was a brainchild of the Dolloi Sutnga to enable outsiders to carry out illegal business activities, as the HNLC leader said the area is famous for prostitution, gambling, and many other anti-social activities.

He alleged the market functions as a coal depot and everything takes place with the cooperation of the police as they get their timely shares from the proceedings.

“After complaints from several individuals and groups about illegal activities in this area the HNLC had warned the Dolloi to stop all the illegal activities and gave him time. but even after 11 months, the Dolloi did not pay any heed to our warnings, which made us take a firm step by exploding an IED (Timer device bomb) on the 26th Nov 2020 at the market,” he claimed. 

Slamming the Government for its failure to arrest the perpetrator involved in the Killing of KSU member (L) Lurshai Hynniewta during the Ichamati incident in February early this year, Nongtraw said, “The government always talks about peace but until now the murderers of (L) Lurshai Hynñiewta (KSU) are roaming free and not either arrested by the police. The HNLC has identified the person responsible and if the police department does not arrest him then we shall be compelled to take military action against him and his sympathizers.” 

He further said, “The issue of Themmetor is also not being solved till date because of the inability of the MDA government to come up with a strong stand.”

Stating that it seems now that the government has become a toothless tiger, Sainkupar said, “The ILP resolution was passed in the Assembly last year but again till date it is being studied and scrutinized.”

 Referring to the statement made by the home minister that the HNLC is still recruiting cadres, and carrying out its operations, the HNLC leader said that the home minister forgot to mention that the HNLC till date has not signed any kind of ceasefire agreement with the state nor the centre. “Simply giving verbal assurances for peace to usher and to give up arms is rather illogical. We cannot expect peace when our people and their voices are suppressed,” he stated.