HNLC hopes ongoing peace process will bring political changes to empower Hynniewtrep people


The banned Hynniewtrep National Liberation Council (HNLC) on Thursday said it is hoping that the ongoing peace process will bring political changes to empower the Hynniewtrep people.


“We are hopeful that the Indo-Hynńiewtrep peace process shall bring about political changes and benefits to empower our jaidbynriew Hynniewtrep,” general secretary-cum-publicity secretary of the outfit Sainkupar Nongtraw said .


Stating that HNLC’s struggle is a political one, Nongtraw said, “We need to bring about a political solution in order to ease away the difficulties faced by our people from time to time.”


The HNLC also paid strong tribute to the life and legacy of its former general secretary Cheristerfield Thangkhiew on his first death anniversary.


“Today marks the first anniversary of the martyrdom of Bah Cheristerfield Thangkhiew Ex gen secy HNLC. Security forces martyred him on this day 2021 but could never extinguish the flame of the love of Jaidbynriew that he ignited in the hearts of the Hynniewtrep people,” the outfit said.


“Bah Che is also one of the martyrs of the Hynniewtrep .We salute him. The HNLC pays strong tribute to the life and legacy of Bah Che for his selfless contribution and sacrifice… Long Live Bah Che

Long Live HNLC,” it said.


The outfit said whoever is ready to die defending his land from illegal occupation and opression is a Martyr, whoever is ready to die defending the rights of his people is a Martyr, whoever is ready to fight and sacrifice for the Freedom of his own nation is a Martyr.


On the eve of its 35th raising day, the HNLC also extended its thankfulness to all its members, cadres including its military and political wing and the leaders who are entrusted with the job to pursue the Indo-Hynniewtrep peace talks.


“The HNLC would like to offer their thanks to the family and relatives of our members. Especially to the families who have lost their sons in this struggle. The cadres who have lost their lives in this struggle are not dead but they have attained Martyrdom,” the statement said.


The HNLC further extended its sincere thanks to all the NGOs and pressure groups of the Hynniewtrep and also to the (Khun ki hajar ka bri u HynniewtrepHynniewskum).


Meanwhile, the outfit also assured to continue rendering its services and work for safeguarding the interests of the jaidbynriew (indigenous community).