Home Minister to look into allegations of illegal collection by police.


After the video of a Truck driver alleging extortion by state cops gone viral, Home Minister Lakhmen Rymbui assures to look into the alleged corruption. 

In the six-minute video that has gone viral on social media, the trucker alleged corruption by the police as he claimed Rs 100 is being charged multiple times on several locations. 

Reacting to this Rymbui said, “We have to look into any allegation made by the people including the residents of the state and find out whether it is true or not.”

Although the Home Minister is yet to see the video, he said several allegations are being made in recent times. He further added that the role of the police and the Government is to see problems and such allegations should not be there. 

“As you are aware, in the past years, due to allegations about illegal transportation, we from the police in order to prevent such illegalities have tried to put up checkpoints. But there may be people, who do not want those checkpoints to be there so that they continue with whatever intention they have. That is why we need to look into whatever allegations made as the role of the police and the government is to see problems and such allegations should not be there,” he said.