How can Dristi Raj Khowa surrender in South Garo Hills without arms? asks Dr. Mukul Sangma


Former Chief Minister Dr. Mukul Sangma has questioned why Ulfa (I) leader Dristi Rajkowa surrendered without arms?

Dr. Sangma raised this question months after Rajkhowa alias Manoj Rabha, an expert in rocket propelled grenade (RPG), was ranked next to ULFA-I C-in-C Paresh Baruah surrendered along with four other militants in South Garo Hills. The Militants surrendered without any major arms and ammunition.


“You see how Dristi Raj Khowa surrendered in South Garo Hills without arms , how can Dristi Raj Khowa come out without arms? Does he move around without arms? What is this nonsense?, Dr. Sangma asked.


Even as he pointed out that the state Police too has not asked the former ULFA leader about his arms.


Rajkhowa who was known for handling sophisticated arms and ammunition,  while surrendering along with four other militants, Police verified that the arms and ammunition found from their possession includes  only one AK-81, 9 mm pistol (two nos), AK-81 ammo (90 rounds), 9 mm ammo (9 rounds) and .32 ammo (8 rounds), the quantity has drawn the attention of former Chief Minister.


“Why the state police didn’t asked where is your arms so this is not the way? That means he has left everything there,” the former Chief Minister pointed out.


In November last, the deputy-commander-in-chief of ULFA (I) accompanied by four other cadres of the proscribed outfit gave themselves up after an intense encounter with Meghalaya police’s elite SF10 commandos at around 6pm in an area in South Garo Hills district.


Calling it a match fixing, the leader of opposition said, “…..They should not play with the life and death of people. So many people have been killed by them. So, this has been happening since 2019.”


Recalling the time when GNLA chief was neutralized by the Police, the former CM said, “,,,,,before Sohan was neutralized in an encounter all the members of different outfits including GNLA have withdrawn and come back. Only because Sohan was probably influenced by other people not to surrender that after the election Mukul Sangma Government will not be there don’t surrender, that is the truth. “

Asked about regrouping, he pointed out that he had run the state long and has managed to restore peace as he gave the credit of this success to the team management and team effort.


He also asked the state Government to ensure its focus on development, on creating avenues of opportunities to generate hope amongst people.


“Now tell me how will people have hope, even the businesses which  are available for our local people have already been robbed and given to somebody else from outside. I have nothing against the outsiders but the fact is that you cannot allow complete dislocation of their livelihood activity which is based on entrepreneurship. All our khasi Jaintia and Garo businessmen are being deprived of their works MeECL, PWD, PHE. I don’t believe in self employment, I believe in entrepreneurship,” the former CM said.


“Many of our local people go as a message to generate hope and that gives them reason to withstand any other forces but in absence of that they become weak , they become vulnerable,” he added.