HSPDP doesn’t see big difference with Pala joining as MPCC President


HDPDP Legislator and Minister in-charge PHE Renikton Lyngdoh Tongkhar said there will not be any big difference with Shillong MP Vincent Pala joining as Meghalaya Pradesh Congress Committee president.

Talking to reporters the HSPDP legislator said, “…I don’t see any big difference of Pala coming as MPCC President. Ofcourse people are talking a lot about coming back of Bah PN Syiem and Bah RG Lyngdoh…..”

He further stated that the rejoining of Congress Legislator PN Syiem and Former Home Minister  RG Lyngdoh too will not have a major impact.

“…They are not newcomers for Congress , they have been with Congress, so I Don’t think we should see any big jolt in Congress by them coming in because they are already congress members. I think its still not possible for Congress alone to form the Government, even though everybody,” Tongkhar said.

With internal rifts continuing to be part of Congress, the PHE minister predicts that Congress alone will not be able to form Government in 2023 as it will need support of others.

“. I think it’s still not possible for Congress alone to form the Government, even though everybody. They would win and try to form the Government on their own but practically it seems too difficult in Meghalaya,” the HSPDP Legislator said.

Meghalaya Congress is all set to adopt technology to reach out to the people for electioneering during this COVID 19 with the New President creating a roadmap for 2023.

Talking about the Political allegiance , the HSPDP leader said, “…Even though they tried to be against it during the election but after the results are out they can be friends. so you cannot say now it will be a threat to whom, threat to NPP or Regional parties it is difficult to say as of now. That depends on the number. It all depends on the centre as well.”

Talking about internal rifts within Congress, he said, ““I don’t think Dr. Mukul will be able to float a new party as of now, if at all he wishes to do that he will do that during election, I don’t see they can split from Congress and join any new party. I think till the end of our term, congress will be there officially, even though there is rift internally  people are saying that is their internal thing only , but in assembly I don’t think we will see any new party.”