Huge cache of explosives recovered, two arrested. 


In a major breakthrough, the Security Forces in a joint operation with the State Police have recovered a huge cache of explosives items from a vehicle near Malidor Village in the Meghalaya Assam border.

In this operation, two individuals were also apprehended and the vehicle they were traveling to was seized. 

In a press statement issued by the PRO Defence said, it is said that based on specific inputs, a joint operation was carried out where a huge cache of explosives items including 542 Gelatine Explosives, 600 electronic detonators and Indian currency Rs 11260 /- on NH 37 were seized near Gumrah toll barrier, village Malidor, Assam Meghalaya border.”

 The two apprehended individuals along with recoveries were handed over to Gumrah Police Station for further investigations.