HYC launched ‘Rai Eh Daw Campaign’


With an aim to create electoral awareness, educate voters to vote consciously in the up-coming election in order to have a clean and responsible government, the Hynniewtrep Youth Council (HYC) today launched the ‘Rai Eh Daw Campaign’.


Speaking to media persons, HYC president Robertjune Kharjahrin said that the objective of the ‘Rai Eh Daw Campaign’ is to give awareness to the general public of the state on the importance of electing a right candidate who can bring clean governance.

Kharjahrin asserted that the right to vote is not merely a right for the public to exercise on the voting day but it is a right with equal duty to vote and elect a candidate who will lead the state and the people into greater heights.

“Our freedom fighters like U Tirot Sing, Kiang Nangbah and many others have struggle and have become to martyrs for independence and statehood in order to have a government form by people from the state, hence it is our duty to uphold their sacrifices and struggles by electing right candidates who are law and policy makers for the benefits of the people and the state as whole” said Kharjarin.

Kharjahrin said that the council will launch the ‘Rai Eh Daw Campaign’ from 6 February with a public meeting to be held in Motphran where leaders from all walks of lives will educate the public on the importance of electing a right leader or candidate.

He added that members of the HYC will soon travel to different parts of the state to educate the public on the importance of electing a quality leader and candidate in this coming election, as at present the state lacks leaders and policy makers who will lead the state.

“We will not campaign against or for the present government but we will remind and educate our people on the failure of various state governments to fulfill the demands of the public especially on issues pertaining to the welfare of our indigenous community” he added.

On the other hand Kharjahrin asserted that it is important for the public to be smart and intelligent when casting their votes and they should not fall prey to lies and money from various candidates and political parties during voting day.

He added that people must understand that election is not a festival once in five years but the right to vote is a duty where the public will consciously elect the law and policy makers who will frame laws which will benefit the public and the state overall.

“Election is not a festival of freebies where people get free booze or free food, it is not an opportunity for people to ask money from candidates to go for picnics hence from the HYC we have decided to launch the ‘Rai Eh Daw Campaign’ as there is a need for people to be well-informed and aware of the true definition of an election” he added.


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