Ichamati issue: Deputy CM warns people from adding fuel to the fire.


With a series of social media uproar over the Ichamati issue and discrimination allegation that reach up to Kolkata, the state government has taken up the matter with its West Bengal Counterpart to ensure there is no law and order problem.

Asked, Tynsong informed that the state government had already taken up the issue with its counterpart in West Bengal requesting the need to ensure there is no law and order problem.

“The chief minister has taken up the matter with the West Bengal home minister but my humble request to those stakeholders who are creating more confusion as far as the issue of Ichamati is a concern” he said.

Deputy Chief Minister Prestone Tynsong on Friday admitted there is political instigation over the Ichamati issue as he warned the government will not spare anyone involved in spreading communal disharmony.

“Yes, it seems (there is political instigation) so, and we are still going deep into that,” Tynsong told reporters. Asking the instigators from outside the state to refrain from adding fuel to the fire, Tynsong said, “The Government is not sleeping, we are following it up,” he said adding, “please don’t add fuel, and anybody who does we will put them to bars that be it from Kolkata or Meghalaya or anywhere, the law has to prevail ….stop… I warn stop.”

His statement came as a reaction to the protests staged in front of the Meghalaya House, Kolkata against the alleged atrocities on non-tribal residents in the state.

Stating that holding protests at Kolkata is meaningless, the deputy chief minister said this is because the solution is not in Kolkata but it is in Meghalaya.

“Come to Shillong we will discuss but don’t make an issue when you don’t get the correct picture,” he said while adding that the allegations made are not reality as people are living in peace in the state.

Moreover, the deputy chief minister said that the government is here to take care of and handle the citizens of the state. “The responsibility of the government is to ensure both tribal and non-tribal are safe. Therefore I urge people from outside not to add fuel to the fire as this is wrong,” he said. EOM