If Direction comes, NCC ready to assist civil administration in vaccine distribution: NCC NER


As the Government is gearing up for the roll-out of COVID19 vaccination program across the country, the various volunteer-based organisation is rolling up their sleeves for assisting the civil administration. The NER unit of NCC, the National Cadet Corps, the largest uniformed youth organisation in the world said if direction comes, they are ready to assist the civil administration.
Major General Ananta Bhuyan, Additional Director General (ADG) of the NCC Directorate of Northeast Region said, “If direction comes to help civil administration, we should be able to provide all types to assistance in the distribution of covid 19 vaccinations.”
Meghalaya Government has geared itself on how to vaccinate people when it will be available. Also, vaccinators have been trained for the vaccination programme.
“NCC as I said we are a disciplined force beside the largest uniformed force and we are always prepared to assist the civil administration or the society,” he added.
As the country is under a grave crisis due to the threat posed by COVID-19, the National Cadet Corps (NCC) in the North Eastern Region has been extending a yeoman’s service to the society as they fight against COVID 19 becomes mightier.
The NCC is a youth development movement managed by the armed forces. It also provides exposure to cadets in a wide range of activities, with an emphasis on social services, discipline, and adventure training.