Illegal coal trade: CM assures Govt will take action if there is any official complaint


Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma on Friday assured that the state government will take necessary action if there is any official complaint into illegal coal trade.


“If there is a communication being made to us officially that these kinds of things are happening then definitely we will get it examined,” Sangma told reporters.


He however maintained that the government has ensured that paperwork and documentation are in place for all kinds of movements.


On the allegation that the person arrested in Assam was very close to cabinet minister James K Sangma, the chief minister however said the Assam government has not communicated anything to the state government in this regard.


“These allegations which could just come out and it is really something I cannot respond to without seeing the facts. As I said, the government of Assam has also not communicated anything to us in that aspect and more importantly we have always maintained that every movement or anything that moves forward we ensure that all paper works are in place,” he said.


“There could be allegations there could be people who would make statements but that’s the nature of things that people will make statements and if there are any concerns then definitely we will look into those matters, ” he added.  


Whether inquiry will be set up, Sangma said, “Based on allegations coming in if you have to probe everything in every aspect there has to be some basis for the probe to be done,” while asserted “So as I said we are looking into all aspects we are ensuring that whenever information comes to us we take necessary action, we ask the police department and administration to take necessary actions so this is a continuous process that we are doing and we will continue to do that.”