ILP: Conrad too ‘weak’ to handle Centre, says Pala


Meghalaya News 24 Exclusive

Meghalaya Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) chief Vincent H Pala has accused the Centre of having no intention to implement the Inner Line Permit (ILP) in Meghalaya.
He also opined that Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma is “too weak” to handle the central government.

“The Centre has no intention to give ILP to Meghalaya…the present central government doesn’t bother about the issues taken by us, they only look for their interest but not the interest of the people of Meghalaya,” Pala told Meghalaya News 24.
The Shillong MP cited that the Union Home Minister Amit Shah did not have a proper meeting with the Meghalaya Home Minister during his last year’s visits to the state.
“When they (MDA govt) took a delegation to the Union Home Minister in Delhi, they told them they will meet them in Shillong and when they were in Shillong, they would say come to Delhi,” he said.
Accusing the Chief Minister of being “too lenient” on the ILP issue, Pala said, “(The CM is) too week to handle the central government if you look on all those issues. As a chief minister and as a home minister they must have a say when the central ministers come and visit here but they didn’t give them even half an hour time when they came here.”
He said this was despite the fact of crores of money was spent by the government for visits of central ministers including the home minister.
The Congress chief further alleged that the Union Home Minister and other central ministers only bother about their party, the BJP.
“They met and gave their party workers enough time but they didn’t meet the NGOs or government officials to discuss the issues. This shows that the BJP does not care about the present government but only the present government cares about the BJP,” he said.
When asked if the BJP is trying to politicize the ILP demand for political gains in 2023, Pala said they will definitely make it an election issue that if people vote for them, they will give ILP but the fact remains that they are not taking things seriously rather they neglect the people of Meghalaya as a whole.
“Sanbor Shullai said if BJP is in power they will give (ILP) in one minute but he himself is a minister (in the present government). As of now they (BJP) are part of the government there is nothing which can stop them from doing it so I don’t think they are taking it seriously,” he said.
He also recalled that the BJP had promised to resolve the coal issue in Meghalaya within 6 months of coming to power but they failed. “So even if they come to power in the state, I don’t think they are serious about ILP,” Pala added.