ILP issue; Opposition Congress questions MDA Govt on lack of seriousness to aggressively pursue it with Centre.


Stating that the Government does not continue to remain in deep slumber and find all excuses, the opposition Congress has slammed the NPP-led Meghalaya Democratic Alliance government for its lack of seriousness to aggressively pursue with the Centre for immediate implementation of the inner line permit (ILP) in the state.

The opposition also questioned if the state government’s delay to implement the Meghalaya Residents Safety and Security Act (MRSSA) was by default or by design.

Addressing media persons after a CLP meeting on Wednesday, Leader of Opposition and former chief minister, Mukul Sangma said the party has pulled up and woken up the state government from their deep slumber on the issue during the last Assembly session.

“What has been promised must be fulfilled by the government and if they don’t, it will amount to lying on the floor of the House and also lying to the people of the state. I hope they will not continue to remain in deep slumber and find all excuses to hide their lack of seriousness and honesty,” he said.

Asked if the Congress is open to the idea for an all-party delegation to pursue ILP demand with the Centre, Sangma however reminded that all 60 members of the current august House have already given the mandate to the state government to proceed further and prevail upon the Govt of India to implement ILP through a resolution passed in the house.

“Now I am saying that opposition has already shaken and woken them up during the last session of the Assembly, saying that look you have been given this mandate in the august house through resolution, which was adopted unanimously. What are they waiting for?” he asked.

“Were they (state govt) seen really pursue aggressively with Govt of India to implement ILP as was decided and assured in the august House? That is what we sought to know in the floor of the House during the last session. Now, therefore, the resolution adopted is representing all the 60 members, please be clear on this,” he said.

The former chief minister further asked the MDA government to stop playing to the gallery over the ILP issue.

“They (state govt) need not play to the gallery nor do we want to play to the gallery. We want to be practical and we are serious,” he added.

Also accusing the MDA government of trying to delay the implementation of the principal act of the MRSSA by deciding to amend it, Sangma said, “Was this amendment which was effected by the state government a design or an action by default.”

He said the government should have made the MRSSA operationalized to the extent possible as it does not confine only to the entry-exit points but to regulate the stay of people in localities.

“So we have to be more analytical whether the delay in the implementation of this principle act of MRSSA is by default due to their lack of understanding or by design, we have to know it,” Sangma said.

He further informed that the Congress legislature party would also seek an audience with the Governor to find out the status of the MRSS (Amendment) Bill, 2020.

The leader of opposition also said the need to pursue the demand for ILP apart from passing the MRSSA is because of a new situation arising due to the Centre’s decision to implement the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).

“Therefore, while waiting for the ultimate nod from Govt of India for implementation of ILP, we want the state government to ensure the mandate of the comprehensive act – MRSSA is implemented,” he said.

Urging the CM and other political leaders to read the MRSSA, Sangma said that the party has also decided to share all important points of the MRSSA in vernacular languages to the people of the state as well.