ILP once implemented, cannot be withdrawn, if found not feasible: Kyrmen Shylla


UDP legislator and cabinet Minister Kyrmen Shylla have cautioned people to understand the concept of Inner line permit before asking for it, even as he said once implemented it cannot be withdrawn if found not feasible.
“If public as a whole realise that this ILP is not mandatory to implement here in Meghalaya and it’s not feasible then they should think it properly before they ask for something because once implemented you cannot just withdraw it, since it is a central act involve,” Kyrmen Shylla told reporters in Shillong.
Stating that as a public representative the priority is to protect people, “Our people what they want if they feel that ILP is more important so we are with them, I am with them because we are here elected by the people and protect them.”
The Minister also stated that people are scared to visit Arunachal Pradesh because of ILP, though he is yet to know its impact on Meghalaya.
Asked if it will have any impact on tourism, the Minister said, “We Don’t know if we compare to other states e.g. like Arunachal I have seen and I have been there also, people scared to go there because they have ILP, but here in Meghalaya, I don’t know how will it be it depend on the cooperation from  all.”
“Most of the tourists they have fear of coming they say if it is implemented in Meghalaya they do have the fear that is what I have heard from tourists specially friends from outside they don’t want it but here we are not to listen to tourists for tourists we are here for our people of Meghalaya , what they want and what is most benefitted for our people that is our priority,” he added.