IMA Meghalaya Chapter extend full support to nationwide protests called by IMA central body 


After farmers, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) — which represents doctors practicing the modern system of medicine in the country — has now opened a front against the Centre and announced a series of protests.

 Indian Medical Association (IMA), Meghalaya Chapter has extended full support to nationwide protests called by the IMA central body on December 8 and 11, against the mixing up of medical systems.

 “The IMA Meghalaya Chapter offers their support to its central body against this irrational policy,” IMA Meghalaya state spokesperson Dr Bernard T Lyngdoh said in a statement issued on Monday.

 He informed that all IMA members and all doctors from modern medicine who support the stand of IMA central body shall wear black badges on December 8.

 The IMA has expressed perturbed by the recent policy proposals for the integration of all systems of medicine, and termed it as a “khichidi medical system” which could put millions of lives at risk.

 The largest organisation representing doctors of modern medicine said it stands for purity of systems of both modem medicine as well as Ayush, but integrating them would create hybrid doctors ultimately confusing and putting patients at risk.

 A recent circular of the Central Council of Indian Medicine (CCIM) paving the way for Ayurvedic post-graduate doctors to perform various surgeries which are otherwise carried out by well-trained modern-day surgeons under the modern medical system has shocked not only the medical fraternity but also many concerned citizens.

 The IMA central body demands the immediate withdrawal of the said notification that amends the existing regulations of Postgraduate Ayurveda Education in which the words MS (Shalya Tartra ) have been incorporated allowing them to get trained and independently practice a long list of complicated surgical procedures.

 The authority and practice of such surgical skills squarely fall under the jurisdiction of modem medical science as prescribed by the erstwhile Medical Council of India in the postgraduate course titled MS (General Surgery).


IMA clarifies that in its view integrating all systems of medicine is unwise. IMA opposes such radical changes that may have serious implications on the health of people at large and can put many precious lives at risk.

How can issues such as Pre-Anaesthesia, Modern Anaesthesia, and pre and post-Surgical Sepsis control be approached by Ayush medicine? Surgeries also require highly trained surgical skills, it said.