India or Bharat: Meghalaya CM takes pride in both

Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma on Tuesday said he is proud to use both India and Bharat .


Sangma said, “If I speak in Hindi, I will use the word Bharat, if I speak in English I use India. The Constitution is very clear that India is Bharat. There’s no controversy but I think we are creating a controversy where there is no controversy.”


The CM said depending on the situation, in many of his speeches whenever he speaks in Hindi, he would use Bharat all the time ‘because that’s what India is” and in many platforms, he also uses India.


“I don’t feel that it’s a controversy as such, it is a question of using the language and I don’t think there’s anything wrong in using the word either India or Bharat. It all depends on the situation you’re in, the Constitution mandates us to use either of the words India and Bharat and I am proud of both,” he stated.

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