Internal tussle within UDP continues


The internal tussle within the United Democratic Party (UDP) seemed to be continuing over the issue related to the power sector as the president is yet to reach out to the party legislators.

 UDP leader and cabinet minister Lahkmen Rymbui on Tuesday reiterated that the demand to relieve the incumbent power minister James K Sangma has never come from the parliamentary party of the UDP.

 This has come after the functionaries of the party maintained firm stand on the demand, which was also to remove the present chairman cum managing director (CMD) of Meghalaya Energy Corporation Limited (MeECL).

 “In as far as removal of the power minister is concerned, it will all depend on the chief minister but from our side (parliamentary party consisting of UDP legislators), we have not make any demand so far as we are yet to sit,” Rymbui told reporters.

 “My statement standstill it (issue) is discussed in the party,” he further maintained.

 Rymbui, who is holding charge of Home (Police), District Council Affairs (DCA), Border Area Development (BAD), etc, informed that the UDP president Metbah Lyngdoh is yet to call the meeting of the parliamentary party in view of the upcoming GHADC polls, slated for April 12.

 Denying that the delay is affecting the party, the minister said that the president of the party will call the meeting at an appropriate time.

 Stating that any differences can be discussed across the table, he however said, “But there is no rift and no differences within the party. We are not divided. We only want to see that the power in the state should be stable that is the only issue we have.”

 Asked, Rymbui said there is a need to respect the voice of larger consultation.

 “Whatever I speak I speak for myself and nobody should speak for me if I am not part of that,” he said.

 The minister also regretted that the misunderstanding should not have happened since UDP’s high command is always available at any time to resolve any differences.

 “This thing should not have happened as we are not a party which have a high command very far, our high command is here in Shillong, so any decision or discussion we could take immediately, it is just a phone call away not like other parties where you have to book a flight for anything to take a decision. For us being a regional party, anything could be solved at the earliest,” he said.

 “I don’t know maybe they (UDP office bearers) could not reach me as they have expressed.

(However) consultation is the best to bring out a solution. So until and unless you have a larger consultation because everybody has their own issue, everybody have their own way of looking at it but once we have discussed, we have to respect the decision of the majority,” he asserted.

 On the power minister washing his hands off the mess in the power department, Rymbui said, “He (James) is the best person to answer that, who am I to judge? Almost 10 hours of that 11-day session we have discussed this power crisis in the state, so he has explained everything so if there is any new development after that then we will see.”

He further maintained, “But for me whatever he (James) has explained, I see he has a ground and a stand.”