‘Joining – desertion is an ongoing process in Politics’: AICC Incharge


Asserting that there is no internal rumbling within Congress, AICC Incharge of Meghalaya Manish Chatrath said leaders joining and deserting political parties are part of politics these days.
Chatrath, who is on a two day visit to Meghalaya capital Shillong said, “There is no rumbling in the congress in Meghalaya as of now and coming and going is part of politics, so people go and some people join and that is an ongoing process, I don’t see it a very big issue.
Amidst, desertion and discord rattle within Congress, the visit of new AICC incharge can ease the bonding within Congress.
Indicating that the opposition Congress will let the incumbent Government complete its five its tenure and in no hurry to topple it, he said, “Whichever Government is there, the Government of the day has to function for five years and let them function for five years, and when elections come, let people decide, so it’s not that three years we have to go back, it not like that.”
The AICC incharge , however, has denied the allegation that the congress is losing its ground in Meghalaya.
On the first day of his visit, the AICC leader met Meghalaya Pradesh Congress Committee leaders, legislators and office bearers, while, on Tuesday, the meeting is scheduled with Members of District Councils representing Congress, and on the same day he will be meeting Ex MPs, Ex MLAs and Ex MDCs apart from Pradesh Congress Committee leaders.
“I am here to meet my colleagues, my family in Congress and I am meeting everyone and getting to understand each and everyone,” he said adding “We had a general discussion on the meet and greet, and we will be meeting them again in PCC and will be discussing what needs to be done further obviously we will prepare for some demonstration in the capital we will be discussing. “
Asked if congress gearing up for 2023, he said, “Definitely, it is taking some time, organisation has to gear up for elections, we have to be ready for that.”
Satisfied after meeting the Congress leaders from Meghalaya, Chatrath, who believes in working together as a team said, “Still the organisation in Meghalaya I would say is very good, we have a good cadre, we have a good team out here, and obviously the organisation has to be strengthened day in and day out.”
Stating that Congress is the oldest political party he said, “Which was there, which will be there and which is there.” He was reacting to BJP’s ‘Congress Muqt Meghalaya initiative.’