KHADC passes resolution urging State Govt to provide financial assistance to traditional institution for fight COVID


The Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council on Friday passed an official resolution urging the state government to provide special financial assistance to the traditional dorbar shnong for combating the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic in the state.

 The resolution tabled by the Chief Executive Member Titosstar Well Chyne was also supported by the opposition members during the summer session of the Council.

 “This House hereby resolve to urge upon the state government to provide special financial assistance to these dorbar shnong through the KHADC as an incentive for their role in combating this pandemic,” Chyne said.

 He said the dorbar shnong had over the years assisted the state government in the implementation of various state and central welfare schemes at the village level.

 The active participation, cooperation and responsibilities of the dorbar shnong have become more intense in the outbreak of COVID-19.

 Chyne said the role of the dorbar shnong in the fight against the pandemic from maintaining quarantine and isolation centres to regulating SOPs and creating awareness of the vaccination drive undertaken has had a positive impact in containing the spread of COVID-19 in the community.

 “Their role and responsibilities extend to providing assistance to the needy during lockdown periods from their own resources and contribution of the residents of the village,” he said adding that the dorbar shnong had diligently performed all the duties and responsibilities entrusted upon them without any assistance or recognition from the state government.


The KHADC chief further urged the members to extend all possible help to the dorbar shnong especially those who are setting up community isolation centres for COVID positive cases.


He also informed that the council has so far spent Rs 19 lakh as financial assistance to such community quarantine centres, which are getting Rs 1,000 each.


On the plight faced by the commercial vehicles, Chyne said that the council would soon write to the state government for waiving off vehicle taxes payable by the commercial vehicles during one and a half month period which they have to remain off road due to the lockdown.