Kharkrang supports Hek’s candidature for Lok Sabha polls

BJP chief spokesperson M Kharkrang on Friday said it would be wonderful if six-time legislator of Pynthorumkhrah and cabinet minister Alexander Laloo Hek is made the official candidate of the from Shillong parliamentary constituency in the upcoming 2024 Lok Sabha elections.


Speaking to reporters, Kharkrang said, “If we can have AL Hek, who is a six-time MLA as a candidate also, that will be wonderful.”


The former IPS officer said that the central leadership of the party has not asked for any proposals in this regard.  “Therefore, no official names have gone to Delhi till now.”


Asked, Kharkrang said, “It is not about the euphoria of putting up candidates; basically we have to see whether we have any eligible candidate.”


“Everything is open for everything and we would love to if we have a good women candidate. We are not closing our doors, we open it to all,” he added.


Meanwhile, the spokesperson said that the party is not keen to have any pre-poll alliance ahead of the LS polls.

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