Khasi-Jaintia Pig Butchers Association to increase price of pork by Rs 20.


The Khasi-Jaintia Pig Butchers Association (KJPBA) has announced its decision to increase the price of pork by Rs 20 citing due to the ongoing ban on the import of pigs from outside the state.

“We have decided to increase the price of pork from Rs 360 to Rs 380,” KJPBA general secretary, Andy Lyngdoh told reporters at a news conference held on Friday.

He said the butchering of local pigs has to a great extent affected the members of the association.

“We are totally depending on local pigs now after the state government has banned the import of pigs since March, last year,” Lyngdoh said.

“Pigs coming from Assam are much cheaper and you get them at Rs 12,000 each compared to the local pigs at Rs 13,000 to Rs 14,000. Apart from this, the transportation cost is also expensive,” he further added.

Asked, Lyngdoh said that the traders are left with no option but to depend on supply from neighbouring Assam since the state is yet to have its own farm to increase the livestock to meet the demand.

Urging the government to lift the ban, the association general secretary said, “We also request the government to register the names of all 60 traders in the state.” He however expressed concern over the absence of a check post to screen the health condition of the imported pigs to the state.

To a query, Lyngdoh however said that the association would be required to meet to decide on whether to roll back the price of pork in case if the ban is lifted by the state government.