KHNAM demands Govt to call agitating commercial vehicle operators for talks


The ongoing agitation by the commercial vehicles cripples the normal life cripple in the state as it continues for the last 12 days.

Khun Hynniewtrep National Awakening Movement (KHNAM) has demanded the MDA government to immediately call the agitating commercial vehicle operators for talks.

In a statement issued on Sunday, KHNAM state youth wing president Thomas Passah said the current situation in the state with the ongoing strike of the commercial vehicles for the past 12 days has brought immense difficulties to the general public at large, school students, farmers, etc, with no hope of relief.

He said the state government seems to be adamant towards the demands of the MJACCV and the price is being paid by the general public.

It is seen the state share from the fuel has been one of the major factors in the all-time high increase in the price of the fuel in the state.

Additionally, the Covid Cess of 2% levied by the state on earlier last year due to Covid has further contributed to the price rise.

Passah said states like Assam and Nagaland have withdrawn Covid Cess on fuel and liquor.

“In the current situation and looking in the Steve rise of fuel, the state Government should also withdraw the 2% Covid cess. Any increase in fuel with simultaneously affect the price of other essential commodities in the state and after a rough economic crisis faced by the general public last year due to Covid related shutdowns, such increase will not be welcome by the people,” he said while also expressing dismay over the silence of the regional parties on the issue.

Demanding the state government to end the present deadlock by inviting the agitating group for talks, Passah said, “(Government should also) bring out a solution for the welfare of the citizen and simultaneously should bring about a proper system/mechanism to streamlines the commercialization of vehicles throughout the state, to address issues like overcharging of fares above the rate notified by the Government, overcrowding of the commercial vehicles beyond the notified capacity which has put Girls/Women into the embarrassing situation at times, issues of safety of the passengers in commercial vehicles also needs to be ensured at all times, There were times when the passengers were forced/helpless to take a reserved vehicles (situation like this have been witness in Khyndailad/Motphran and other areas, besides other factors that need to be addressed for the welfare, safety and convenience of the people.”

He further asserted that the MJACCV and the Government should work hand in hand to ensure uninterrupted essential service to the citizen of the State.