KHNAM MLA says he will continue to pressurize Govt to fulfill remaining 4 demands


KHNAM MLA Adelbert Nongrum on Friday said he would continue to pressurize the state government to fulfill the remaining four demands.

Nongrum will end his five-day sit-in-demonstration on Saturday.

Speaking during a meeting held at the protest venue, Nongrum welcomed the decision of the government to relax the upper age limit for entry into government services by five years.

He however said he will not rest till the state government fulfills his four remaining demands which he has submitted to the chief minister on 12 January.

These include resolving the border issue, reviewing the job reservation policy, creation of separate cadre for Meghalaya etc.

“I’m happy that the government has agreed to fulfill the age relaxation but there is more to be done by the state government as there are still four more agendas besides and many more to come for the government to fulfill for the benefit of the people of the state” said Nongrum.

Nongrum said that the main agenda of not taking part in the golden jubilee celebration is because he feels that there is nothing to celebrate even though the state has attained the age of 50 years as till date the state do not have its own proper boundaries nor any laws to safeguard the interest of its people. He added that being an MLA he is responsible to fight for the future generations hence he has not taken part with the state government to celebrate the state’s golden jubilee while the common people especially those in border areas suffer every day.

“As an MLA, I feel shy to join hands with other ministers and officials in Polo to celebrate the statehood day in a grandeurs manner hence I have chosen this day to agitate with the common people who share a common cause” he added.

Nongrum said that being an MLA or a leader, it is one’s duty to do better for the future generations as the present leaders are only the framers of the future and not belong to the future. He added that it is a proud moment that the state has reached its milestone of 50 years of statehood yet it’s a shame that the state does not have its boundaries or laws to safeguard the interest of the people and the state as a whole.

“The government needs seriousness and political will to resolve all the pending issues and many more issues pertaining to the people and the state of Meghalaya” he added.