KJCLF holds special prayer.


The Khasi Jaintia Christian Leaders Forum (KJCLF) formerly known as the Shillong Khasi Jaintia Church Leaders Forum (SKJCLF), on Thursday conducted a special prayer with the youth leaders of the society.

This meeting was held in New Hope Restaurant, Central Ward, Shillong.

In his exhortation, the Forum President Bishop P Lyngdoh highlighted that: “The Khasis, as a people who ‘know man and know God’ (tipbriew tipblei) understand the importance of human relations and also seek divine guidance and help.”

“We have a ‘mind’ for what is good – not only the brains, but the understanding of what is good, which is a precious gift of God. We have the freedom of will – the ability to choose. The success of our commitment is not only at the beginning but it is in achieving the goal.  There is power in unity – the unity of spirit even though we are in different groups. Successful leaders are those who dedicate their lives for others and the nation and not for personal and individual gain,” he said.

Apart from the leaders of the KJCLF, present together were leaders of KSU, FKJGP, JSU, HYC, HANM, CORP, COMSO and others, who conveyed their concerns and the need for support in prayers from Church leaders and elders in the society. A special prayer was offered by Apostle RR Khongkrom.