Kyrmen Shylla appeals to banned HNLC to shun path of violence


Cabinet minister and Khliehriat legislator Kyrmen Shylla on Tuesday appealed to the banned Hynniewtrep National Liberation Council (HNLC) to shun the path of violence as it is not the solution to any problem.

“Violence cannot be a solution to any problem,” Shylla told reporters while reacting to the recent IED attack on the police reserve in his constituency.


He urged the HNLC to come forward for peace talks by laying down their arms.


“The best thing is that they (outfit) come for talks. I believe that our Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma and Home Minister Lahkmen Rymbui are taking necessary steps on this,” Shylla said.


Stating that such a problem should be resolved once and for all, the minister said the HNLC does not need to do this (IED blast).


“…if they have any issues with the government, tell us, we are here to listen, to take suggestions. It is not necessary to be a terrorist to solve the problem of the people as at the end we have seen from time to time, our people are suffering,” he said.


“So it is really bad if the government did wrong thing and the people suffer that is also not right and same thing if terrorist did something wrong in the name of “ieid jaidbynriew” and at the end our jaidbynriew is suffering that is not right,” Shylla stated.