Kyrmen Shylla rules out quitting UDP


UDP leader and cabinet minister Kyrmen Shylla on Wednesday said he is not interested in joining other political parties ahead of the 2023 Assembly polls.


“I am here today because of my party so I will never do something which will hurt our president (Metbah Lyngdoh),” said Shylla when reacting to a query that there is a lot of temptation among the sitting MLAs to join NPP and BJP ahead of the general elections.


“Going to other political parties till now I have not even thought about it, so why would I leave my own party,” he further maintained.


Shylla, also first time legislator from Khliehriat constituency, said that being an MLA, it is not about the party but it is about serving the people.


“Whether you are in the BJP, Congress or UDP, how you serve your people is the most important. It is not you being in Congress you will do more or you being in BJP, it is about serving the best you can for your people wherever you are or in whichever party you are,” he asserted.


If allegations including the illegal coal mining would affect the party in the 2023 elections, Shylla however said the people will be the best judge.


“Let people judge if they are satisfied with our reply against the allegation, they will be happy and they will vote for us if not, they will leave us. But I believe whatever we talk during election time, it should be black and white where people should be satisfied with the truth,” he said.


The UDP leader also expressed confidence that the party will perform well in the upcoming 2023 Assembly polls.


“We believe that we will have a good result in 2023. We are trying our best, let us see,” he said.


“People used to say we UDP is a king maker, but I believe that they will give us even the responsibility by giving us more seats in 2023 and we will do the best we can to lead the state,” he added.


Shylla further added that the UDP is working together with the HSPDP and wished that the alliance would continue.  

 When asked if there is any possibility for a cabinet reshuffling among the UDP MLAs, the cabinet minister said nothing like that has reached his ears yet.

 “If it is there, I believe that our president will discuss with all of us together and whatever decision he takes, that will be the best decision and we will accept that,” he maintained.