‘Lack of coordination between MSCW, SCPCR & Police: Assembly Panel for Women Empowerment


The Committee for Women Empowerment of the Assembly on Monday directed the Meghalaya State Commission for Women (MSCW), Meghalaya State Commission for Protection of Child Rights (MSCPCR) and the police department to work in close coordination.


Chairperson of the Committee Ampareen Lyngdoh said the first realization that emerged from today’s summoning of the representatives of the three important authorities was that there is a lack of coordination between them.


This came following the recent murder of two children by their own father at Nongrah.


She said there have been allegations and counter allegations of actual sequences of events of the occurrence of the heinous crime.


Lyngdoh said the committee has asked the MSCW and MSCPCR to work in close coordination with the police department.


“We requested them to have a meeting at the earliest so that all these facts may be clearly understood by the public,” she said.


Lyngdoh said that the committee has given the three authorities 15 days’ time to comply with the direction.


“So we will wait for the meeting between the commissions and the police department and we will review the report as and when they are ready and they bring it to us but we have given them 15 days’ time,” she said.