Lanong predicts non Congress Govt in 2023


United Democratic Party (UDP) leader and former Deputy Chief Minister Bindo M Lanong on Monday predicted the opposition Congress will not come back to power in 2023.


“I feel that there will be a split in the Congress in 2023. So with that kind of possibility do you think that there is a chance for the Congress to come back to power? I always stand on issues and I base things on facts, I am not simply making empty claims,” he told reporters.


Lanong, also currently a nominated member of the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC), was reacting to a query on the Congress’ prospect after its poll debacle in the just concluded bye elections to the three Assembly seats.


He said it will all depend on how the Congress will repair itself during the remaining one year and four months. “(However), I don’t see a good prospect for the

Congress (in 2023) as firstly, they have been out of power for a long time and number two they have ruled Meghalaya for about 38 years,” Lanong said.


Informing that he would soon come up with a book on Meghalaya during the last 50 years plus, the veteran political leader said, “this book is ready now and you will see what the Congress did during the last 38 years plus that they were in power.”


“You talked of any issue, you talked of boundary issues, we didn’t see any sign of improvement, you talked of the language Khasi and Garo to be included in the eighth schedule that also the Congress did not take interest in. You talk of employment; you talk of economy, talk of anything,” he added.


Coming to the pending demand for implementation of the Inner Line Permit (ILP) in Meghalaya, Lanong recalled that the issue was raised by Dr Mukul Sangma when he was chief minister.


“In 2012, he (Mukul) appointed me as the chairman of the committee comprising of MLAs, ministers, CEMs, traditional heads and NGOs, it was a big group. In September, 2012 he said finish it within two month, so we had some discussion but I said okay it was the wish of the chief minister so we finished the study and the recommendations within two months. (L) Jopthiaw Lyngdoh hats off to him did his best,” he said adding “So the view was just one. This committee constituted by chief minister Mukul Sangma was of one view that we want ILP to be implemented or introduced.”


He said Mukul, after he became chief minister from 2010, came back in 2013 and continued till the end of his term in 2018.


Lanong however said, “I was very happy that he came back as CM but he brought the land owners and tenants Bill, the house owner and the tenancy Bill and that came in 2013.

In 2016, he amended that and replaced by MRSSA no ILP gate but whoever has reached Meghalaya should get all security and safety and they should be treated safely and with full security. If you go in paragraph 12 of the MRSSA, whoever commits any offence he will not be arrested and even if he will be arrested, it is a bailable offence, it is mentioned in the paragraph 12 of the MRSSA.”


“So therefore this is Dr Mukul. I don’t know why he wanted to stage all those dramas, I really fail to understand,” he added.