Lockdown can arrest speed of transmission & help to gain more time to prepare:Dr. Mukul


Leader of Opposition and former Chief Minister Mukul Sangma said that imposition of a total lockdown is one of the multi-pronged measures to arrest the speed of transmission and gain more time to prepare.


Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Sangma said, “We will have to look at whether we are using this precious time to prepare or we are wasting the time. Today what we have seen is that we have wasted time. Therefore, we should learn from the past – we must be able to save every single life.”


Stating that this pandemic is going to leave behind a trail of miseries, sufferings and pain, he said the government needs to come up with preventive measures to minimize the loss of lives, sufferings, and the crippling effect on the society, individuals and families.


“The COVID-19 pandemic has been notified as a national disaster…so there is a complete disaster management plan – those are available for the government to use as a source of information to amplify their measures required to be put in place.


“That is what exactly we are telling them. Dealing with disaster is not only dealing to mitigate when disaster strikes but the preparedness to ensure when the disaster strikes, minimum damage and minimum loss of lives that is how we plan to prevent,” he said.  


The former chief minister also expressed concern over the presumption of the people that the pandemic is almost over.


“Declaring that we emerge victorious but the war is still on that is where we must understand that the war is still on. After this, how fast the third wave is going to come, we have to prepare and ensure we look at all possibilities and put all the comprehensive measures,” he stated.



Asked, Sangma said, “What do you do with this time (lockdown period) since you know that the war is not yet over, since the war need to be continued, an enemy is in your vicinity, an enemy is preparing to attack you therefore that time must be utilized for comprehensive preparation to ensure we save lives and come out victorious against this virus.”