Lockdown triggers another panic buying in Shillong


Lockdown has triggered another panic buying in Shillong. In some areas people were seen standing in long queues while in some localities overcrowding also reported.

Areas such as Jhalupara market and other commercial areas on Wednesday was chaotic. There was no trace of even “partial lockdown” in the area and people were seen moving around like normal days.

This was in view of the 10-day total lockdown in East Khasi Hills district from 8 pm of May 19 to 5 am of May 31. With Surge in COVID 19 cases in the state, the Government had to adopt this measure to curtail the virus and break the chain.

There was a mad rush before shops selling groceries, vegetables, and other daily consumables.

People flooded at these shops looking to stock up on the items for the next 5 days.

There was no social distancing as the Covid 19 protocols were violated by the people, despite police deployments being made at several market places.  However, in some of the areas the active presence of Police personnel was seen. Over all it was a chaotic situation.