LS Speaker to take up absence of Anti Defection Law or 10th Schedule in ADCs in the Presiding officers’ meet

Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla on Friday has assured to take up the issue of the 10th schedule or the absence of anti-defection laws in the autonomous district councils in the Presiding officers’ meet also called the Peethaseen Adhikari meeting.

Talking to reporters on Friday, Birla said, “Chief Minister Conrad Sangma has discussed certain issues especially he discussed about the 10th schedule was also discussed, that issue that CM has brought up…..These issues I will take up in the Peethaseen Adhikari meeting.”
While informing about a committee already is on the task for the amendment to the sixth schedule, he said, “To make 10th schedule more argumentative we have committees, we have the Presiding officers discussing, various elected bodies are also discussing on the issues and I hope very soon we will be able to generate result so that we can send the suggestion of these committees to both the centre and the state.”
The absence of anti-defection law is often blamed for instability in the autonomous district councils.
Earlier, touching on the absence of the Anti Defection Law or the Tenth Schedule in the district councils, the Chief Minister said, “Because of the absence of the Tenth Schedule or the Anti Defection Law in District Councils, there is political instability. There is a lot of movement and instability in grassroot politics, therefore, it is very important.”

On the ‘Sixth Schedule Amendment Bill’, the Chief Minister stated, “I am happy that we were given the chance to submit our views and opinions on the ‘Sixth Schedule Amendment Bill’, sent through the Select Committee. Through the views and opinions of all the District Councils we can move towards amending this I am happy that we were given the chance to submit our views and opinions on the Bill to strengthen the District Councils”.