LS speakers calls for working together to strengthen and empower Autonomous District Councils


Focussing on empowering the District councils in Meghalaya, Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla calls for working together to strengthen and empower the Autonomous District Councils.
Talking to the media at the sideline of the official programme held at Meghalaya Legislative Assembly, Lok Sabha Speaker Birla said, “We should all work together so that these institutions can be empowered and more and more accountability can be fixed for all these institutions and fulfill the aspiration of the people. ”
Asked if he thinks that the District Councils are enough for the people of Meghalaya in the context of the demand for ILP? Birla said, “We will discuss this that the autonomous district councils are somehow strengthened and empowered so that all the elected bodies can work properly, the accountability of the executive can be ensured and the aspiration of the people can be fulfilled.”
Should There Be A Minimum Educational Qualification To Contest Polls?
While stating that the constitutional experts and the Election Commission still are deliberating upon this particular issue, he said, “The framers while drafting the constitution had deliberate up various issues and whatever was conducive then at the prevailing situation was included in the constitution.”
Even a few years back, it was observed that the time has come for Parliament to prescribe some minimum qualifications for Parliamentarians/Legislators as prescribed in other fields.
The issue has been deliberated enough Nationally upto the point when even notably, in September 2015, the Haryana Assembly had passed a bill, fixing the minimum educational qualification for contesting elections to Panchayati Raj institutions, besides laying down other conditions including making it mandatory for the candidates to have functional toilets.
Further, the Lok Sabha Speaker said, “Moreover, the English Commission of India too discusses their guidelines with the recognized political parties . Even the issues of the minimum basic qualification of the public representatives are too discussed by the constitutional experts and the election commission.”
Asked about the criminalization of politics, he said the framers of the constitution have not deliberate much on it but however, the election commission has come up with its set of guidelines for the said purpose.
“This is democracy and while drafting the constitution, the framers of the constitution kept citizens at the epicentre so that our constitution can be of the people, by the people and for the people. The public while electing their representatives, legally and also constitutionally they get the chance to represent people in Lok Sabha, Assembly, Panchayat and similar other bodies,” he added.
” Like you said about criminalisation of politics, for that too the Election Commission has framed rules and regulations and those who come under the set of framed guidelines can surely become an elected representative. and those who are outside the framework if elected by the people are entitled to take up his views in the parliament,” the speaker said.
With several states including West Bengal and Assam are set to go for the poll, the Criminalisation of politics is one such hot topic that we see, even as Bengal reportedly became fertile land for election-related violence.