Mawsynram MLA urges Govt. to check abnormal escalation of prices of vegetable


The increasing price of vegetables is burning a hole in the pockets of the people as the residents who are suffering from unemployment, pay cuts, and infection risks during the Covid-19 pandemic seem to be disturbed with this abnormal escalation of the price of perishable items like  vegetable.

Potato, which is considered as the poor man’s staple food and sold at Rs 50-60 a Kg, while onion, another kitchen essential which cost Rs 60-Rs 70 per kg.

Disturb with the escalating price of essential items, Congress legislator from Mawsynram H. M Shangpliang requested the Government to ensure that the prices do not go so high.

“I would request the Government kindly ensure that the prices do not go so high, the way that people are suffering particularly before the Durga Puja and before the festivals, I think there will be a time when people will not be able to buy potatoes and onions anymore,” Shangpliang said.

Suspecting some foul play in the entire matter of an abnormal increase in prices, Mawsynram MLA said, “The district administration should come down heavily on these hoarders whoever is hoarding the market and whoever is trying to make fast money out of this situation.”

He further said, “There was an assurance from the Government that they will be opening local markets in the suburbs of the city, when the Iewduh is closed where will our farmers go? They do not have an outlet, and they are now forced to give away their products at the cheapest price possible to the traders from Assam, this is the reason that now there is a price rise.”

He expressed concern that the farmers have always been at the receiving end since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We understand that the farmers have always been at the receiving end throughout this whole pandemic time most of our farmers who have produce potatoes and onions, tomatoes and even cabbages for that matter have been exploited and all their produces have been bought at a very cheap rate by the traders from Assam, now the same vegetables which have gone from our state have come back into the state with a bigger price. This is something we need to check,” he said.