MDA coordination committee decides to resolve any issue within alliance. 


The Meghalaya Democratic alliance Coordination committee in one voice decided to maintain close coordination among the coalition partners even as the meeting decided to fix the communication gap between the alliance partners. 

 Coalition partners of the Meghalaya Democratic Alliance (MDA) government have termed the allegations of corruption hurled by the BJP as baseless even a resolution was unanimously adopted to resolve any issues within the alliance.


This came after the issue related to the alleged corruption in the implementation of central funds by NPP-led executive committees in the GHADC and JHADC was discussed at the meeting of the MDA coordination committee held in the city on Thursday.


The meeting was attended by all coalition partners including the two BJP MLAs – AL Hek and Sanbor Shullai.

 “A resolution was taken today…that coalition partners should not come out with these kinds of allegations outside openly. If there are issues, we should first take it up with the government and in the coordination committee meeting and only if the situation is not resolved, we can take further steps,” Sangma told reporters after the meeting.

 He also announced that all coalition partners have reiterated their confidence in the MDA and confirmed their support to the government till the end of the term to ensure all different agendas that have been decided should be completed.


“They have urged that the government should continue to do the development work that has been promised to the people of the state,” Sangma, who is also chairman of the MDA, added.

 Asked, the chief minister said that the other coalition partners felt that all allegations made by the BJP were “baseless”.

 “They have been very clear that if there are any issues any concerns, then the concerned partner can always discuss with the CM and can bring it to the coordination committee and they felt that the method and the way it was brought out were wrong and it shouldn’t have been done,” he said.


Stating that they are not trying to rake up the issue, Sangma said, “We have decided as MDA to now move forward from all of these and ensure we work in a more coordinated effort and way to ensure no communication gap is there in between the members of the MDA.”


Sangma also informed that both the MLAs of the BJP have reiterated and assured that they will ensure that no such situation happens in the future and whatever the case maybe they will work together with the government.


Again when asked if the allegations were a real or only myth, the chief minister said it is very clear that the allegations that are being brought out are simply talks that few individuals have been doing.


Stating that in fact, the government had ordered an audit inquiry into the financial matters of the two ADCs – GHADC and JHADC during the last ten years, Sangma said, “When they say that no action has been taken, we have met the CM and nothing has been done, it is a complete lie because we have instituted an inquiry. (In order) that the entire process and working of the councils would improve, the administrator of the very highest and senior officer has been appointed there and that has ensured now reformations that are needed are going to move at a much faster pace. All these actions have been taken and in spite of all of that, just for the sake of coming out with statements, certain individuals decided to but I think that is not important. We are just again raking up the issue which is meaningless. The point is that we have had a very good meeting today.”


The chief minister also informed that he had also discussed the issue with the BJP national vice president, Dr. M Chuba Ao during his visit to Shillong.


“I am very thankful to him for coming here and discussing this matter with me. We had a very good discussion at my residence where he has assured that we will work together and I told him that all these allegations and statements being made there is not a problem and that I am not bothered about it and I am not taking it personally at all as what is important for me is to ensure we think in a positive manner and work together,” he said.