MDA exists because of BJP; NPP is a coalition partner of BJP in MDA Govt claims BJP.


The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Saturday hit back at NPP stating the Meghalaya Democratic Alliance (MDA) Government exists because of BJP.

Reacting to a statement made by the Deputy Chief Minister and NPP leader Prestone Tynsong on Friday that ‘You (BJP) are free to leave MDA if not happy’, Bernard N Marak State Vice President, BJP Meghalaya Pradesh said, “NPP cannot ask BJP to leave Meghalaya Democratic Alliance (MDA) because MDA exists because of BJP. “

Prestone’s statement came in the wake of a series of corruption allegations leveled against NPP by BJP in regard to misappropriation of Fund in GHADC, illegal transportation of coal, the scam in the electricity department among others.

Claiming that MDA belongs to BJP, Marak said, “MDA does not belong to NPP as NPP is a coalition partner of BJP in Meghalaya Democratic Alliance (MDA).”

He further said, “Sad that Prestone did not realize that without BJP MDA cannot exist. In the centre, it is the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) where NPP is a coalition partner. In Meghalaya, NPP is a coalition partner who won more seats in support of BJP therefore it is named Meghalaya Democratic Alliance (MDA).”

“ In Garo Hills, NPP partnered with BJP naming the coalition in GHADC as Garo Hills Democratic Alliance (GHDA). So what is NPP without BJP? ” he asked.

“Prestone Tynsong’s statement asking BJP to leave MDA is the most irresponsible statement given by NPP against BJP with sole intention to divert the corruption of NPP leaders,” Marak said adding, “NPP is a coalition partner of BJP in MDA, NPP is not the “Boss” of MDA so NPP dictating BJP to leave is nothing more than a joke. “

Talking about BJP’s fight against corruption the BJP state vice president, “BJP will decide on MDA and if NPP wants to indulge in corruption openly, they should decide whether they want to be in MDA or leave as BJP will not submit to their corrupt tactics of looting the public.”

Alleging the dictatorial attitude of NPP, the BJP leader said, “People are fed up with rampant corruption in the State and faith on MDA is going out because of NPP who avoid table talks. NPP never gave a platform to discuss issues on GHADC scams, Illegal coal transportation, and others. They acted like BJP was nobody to them that’s the reason why BJP decided to expose the corruption within its coalition partners.”

The BJP leader further claimed that his party made Conrad Sangma the chief minister of Meghalaya as he asked Sangma to clarify on the statement made by Prestone, “BJP made Conrad Sangma Chief Minister even before he was elected, so he is the National President needs to clarify his stand if Prestone’s statement came on his direction or was it made it on his own? BJP always wanted these matters to be discussed internally but NPP never acknowledged,” Marak added.

Stating that BJP will take up the matters related to corruption at the highest level, the senior letter said the party will also file cases in Lokayukta court.

“By no means, BJP will compromise the looting of the public in the name of coalition. If NPP needs BJP only to get financial assistance from the Centre, BJP will take it up at the highest level, and about CBI, we are moving Court. We will file a case at Lokayukta court too against all corrupt leaders and officials,” BJP Meghalaya unit leader said.

Charging NPP for backstabbing BJP, the BJP asked Conrad Sangma to make a public statement that NPP does not need BJP.

“NPP has revealed its true colour by asking BJP to leave Meghalaya Democratic Alliance (MDA) when in reality it is NPP who might need to leave MDA once their corruption is unveiled and the fear of which has made them oppose CBI inquiry. If there is no corruption why are they scared? Money might be everything for NPP but to BJP, money is not everything but “Good Governance” is,” Barnard said. EOM