MDA Govt behaving like an “accused” in alleged illegal coal trade: Dr. Mukul


Leader of Opposition Mukul Sangma on Tuesday said that the Meghalaya Democratic Alliance government is behaving like an “accused” in the alleged illegal mining and transportation of coal in the state.


Speaking to reporters, Sangma said, “It is the binding responsibility of the government towards protecting the interest of the state and prevents repetition of that crime or go after those people who are perpetrators of that crime but then today what is very disturbing and annoying is that government has on a regular basis acted more like an accused. If you look at their (government) attitude and approach towards dealing with this concern is that they have always tried to defend, defend whom? Are they the accused? This is a million dollar question.”


He also demanded that the investigation into the alleged illegal coal mining and transportation must revolve around this tendency of the government to behave like an accused.


“Why? What is the reason? Are they the beneficiaries? Therefore, the investigation has to be directed towards that,” he added.


Referring to his last year’s visit to West Jaintia Hills where over 1.40 lakh MT of already extracted have disappeared without any revenue being accrued to the state’s exchequer, he said there has been no proper investigation done on the matter.


Stating that the Lokayukta had also taken cognizance of his letter written to the Chief Secretary demanding that a proper independent investigation be done, the leader of opposition however said, “The government defended as though the government itself is the accused. That is why I am telling you, you have to understand what is the reason behind the government behaving so abnormally under these circumstances.”


Reminding that the responsibility of the state is to protect the interest as it is legal binding and is a constitutional requirement, Sangma warned that anybody who fails to protect the interest of the state has to be prosecuted as per the law of the land.