MeECL bleeding with corruption alleges Dr. Mukul Sangma

Dr. Mukul Sangma, Leader of opposition in Meghalaya Legislative Assembly.

Stating that Meghalaya Energy Corporation Limited (MeECL) is already bleeding in corruption, the former Chief Minister and leader of opposition in Meghalaya Legislative Assembly Dr. Mukul Sangma today said those who are involved in corruption will not go scot-free as some of them will be behind the bars in course of time.

“The MeECL otherwise is already bleeding and they are still infusing Warfarin, the blood thinner rather than Anticalin,” Dr. Sangma said adding, “These are things which are being compiled and I am assuring the state, the people, they will not go scot-free as some of them will be behind bars in due course of time.”

The Opposition Congress alleged that the state government is appointing junior bureaucrats in plump posts to keep them wrapped around their fingers to fulfill their agenda, even as the congress legislative party leader Dr. Mukul Sangma alleged there is huge corruption in MeECL.

“What is happening in the MeECL is something which you should unearth. Huge corruption is taking place in MeECL therefore; they want the officers who will go as per their dictates.

Why has there been no CMD? Have you seen a junior officer being CMD of MeECL, which is a very crucial sector?” Dr. Sangma asked.

Talking about corruption in various projects, Dr. Sangma mentioned about the Ganol project and the alleged rampant corruption involved.

“What has happened with the Ganol project? Why is there escalation? What is the reason for escalation? Hundreds and crores of rupees, who is going to pay this? It is going to go from state’s exchequer,” he said.

Stating that since its corporatization there has been unbundling, however, the process is yet to be complete, he said, “You know once upon a time, this was called as the state electricity board, today it has been corporatized, there has been unbundling, there is a huge responsibility of completing this process of unbundling, has it been completed.”

He further asserted that any transition from board to corporatization has lots of inherent challenges, legal procedures that take time. He however pointed out that this particular organization is being used to milk the state, the state is being milked.