Meghalaya BJP accuses NPP of camping in Delhi fearing CBI probe.


Accusing NPP leaders of camping in Delhi to avert CBI probe into alleged corruption, the state BJP said the ruling National People’s Party (NPP) has approached its party’s central leadership due to fear of investigation by the central bureau of investigation (CBI).

In a statement issued on Sunday, BJP state vice president, Bernard N Marak said Rajya Sabha MP and NPP state president, Dr. WR Kharlukhi has desperately revealed the conspiracy against the BJP.

“They (NPP) are camping in Delhi to complain against BJP leaders whereas here they claim they wanted to sort out the issues in MDA coordination meeting. Dr. Kharlukhi said they approached BJP leaders in Delhi and what we came to know is that they feared the CBI probe. Same reason why they reacted vehemently when we declared about filing cases in Lokayukta Court,” he said.

Accusing the NPP of backstabbing BJP by delaying the (MDA meeting), Marak said whereas they were up to “political mischief” themselves.

“On one hand they were asking BJP to come for table talk while on the other hand, they were busy complaining to BJP leaders in Delhi about the BJP leaders in the State.

They maintained a double standard trying to be good in Delhi while they treat BJP step-motherly in the State. All these they did to cover up their rampant corruption which the public are criticising them for. Sadly, money and power are all that matters to them,” he said.

The BJP leader also stated that Dr. Kharlukhi had acted immaturely and irresponsibly when he said NPP will not invite BJP to any MDA meeting.

“It’s like he is trying to start the engine without the ignition key. If they don’t sit with BJP, how do they expect a solution to all the allegations which BJP has raised? The solution can be expected only if BJP is satisfied,” he said.

Stating that people are aware, BJP is right in taking up corruption issues as the state is rampantly exploiting every possible opportunity they can profit on, Marak said BJP stands firm in its stand against corruption and BJP will not stop till justice is delivered through Court or independent investigation.

It may be mentioned here, the BJP has been demanding for CBI probe into the alleged corruption in the implementation of the central funds by the two ADCs – Jaintia Hills Autonomous District Council and Garo Hills Autonomous District Council.