Meghalaya cabinet approves constitution of permanent Meghalaya Education Recruitment Board

The State Cabinet on Thursday approved constitution of a permanent Meghalaya Education Recruitment Board (MERB).
Speaking to reporters, Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma said, “We have decided to constitute a permanent MERB.”
He said, “There are close to about 187 vacancies as we speak in the education specially in the higher and technical education, even secondary and higher secondary and other levels. In some cases the vacancies have been there for almost 3-4 years and hence we strongly feel that this board should be there and this recruitment board should complete the recruitment process within the next 3-6 months to fill up these vacancies.”
Sangma said the state government had also constituted the
Meghalaya Medical Recruitment Board (MMRB).
“The main reason for this was there were a large number of vacancies and MPSC was not able to conduct the examinations on time and if you recall we had a gap of about five years for the doctors to be appointed but as soon as we came out with the health recruitment board, we were able to recruit 500 doctors in a matter of 3 months’ time,” he stated.
Sangma said the education recruitment board will also take care of the recruitments of all education related matters.
“Hence, school teachers education also once we complete this current phase of recruitment of teachers which is going on, this also will be brought in within the recruitment board for education so that there is one education recruitment board but procedures and processes that are being followed for the respective recruitments will continue as they are right now because school teachers are done at the division level and therefore, those processes will not change but the entire the management of the recruitment will come under this particular education board,” he added.