Meghalaya cabinet decides to terminate Kynshi stage 1, Upper Khri Stage I, II projects

​The State Cabinet on Tuesday approved the decision to terminate the Kynshi stage-I and Upper Khri stage I & II power projects.  


Addressing media persons, Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma said the two projects were in collaboration with private parties but due to financial non-viability of the projects and delay in implementation of the projects by the companies, the Cabinet made the decision to terminate the projects.


“Because of the financial non-viability of these projects and the rates coming up too high and also the time taken by the different companies to implement them, the decision was taken by the Cabinet that both these projects, Kynshi stage– I  and Upper Khri stage– I & II projects will be terminated,” Sangma said.


He said the Govt. will immediately move for new partnerships with a new format to implement the projects.  Sangma said that these projects were unviable in its current form and if implemented the government will have to buy power at Rs. 8 or Rs. 9 from these two plants which is not acceptable.


“But the government and the department concerned will immediately move for looking for new partners or maybe the same partners in a new format because as I said the main reasons was that the project in its current form were not viable in terms of the rates but the new technologies that have come in were pump storage and other facilities can be used and also the combination of water  being released from one project and being used in the downstream for another project like in the case of Upper Khri stage I & II, the projects also need to be changed. Hence the government and the department will immediately work in that aspect and we hope that very soon we will be able to have the expression of interest to move forward with these projects in its new form,” he said. 


It may be mentioned that Kynshi stage I Hydro Electric (HE) Project is of 270 MW, Upper Khri stage I HE Project-15 MW, Upper Khri Stage II HE Project-10 MW.

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