Meghalaya cabinet to take major decision with regards to the setting up of medical colleges: CM

Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma on Wednesday said that Cabinet will take a major decision with regards to the setting up of medical colleges in the State.


Speaking to reporters, Sangma said, “We will be taking it up on Friday. In that, we will be making very important decisions and that will be announced on Friday.”


“We have done extensive work for the last couple of years and in the last few weeks, we had number of detailed meetings with the health minister. I would want her to speak about it more. So let her speak about it because  she has also restrain from talking about it because we have not formally taken it up in the Cabinet,” he said.


When asked, Sangma said, “It is a policy that is everywhere in the country. Any State that has their own medical college they do not get the quota in the other colleges so it is always a give and take so we will have to take a decision at one point and that is the reason why I am telling you wait for the cabinet as all of these points will be brought up in the Cabinet, everybody should be aware of the kind of repercussion but not in a negative manner and what are the things that will happen post decision is made and what financial implication more importantly – so all these have been discussed. I am quite firm, we have to move forward in those things and as I said let the Cabinet give the green signal day after tomorrow and the minister will share the details.”

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