Meghalaya depends on NEIGRIHMS for cardiology in absence of full-fledged cardiology dept in state own hospitals.

Health Minister AL Hek

Even after 49 years of statehood, Meghalaya still does not have a full-fledged Cardiology department in the state, even as the Government felt it necessary to focus on the cardiology department in the state.

The health Minister AL Hek said lack of manpower and human resources has restricted the state from having a proper state cardiology department.

“Till now we are depending on NEIGRIHMS where they have the cardiology department, the state still we are lacking on the cardiology department but definitely while seeing the trends of so many heart attack cases, we need immediately to focus on the cardiology department in the state of Meghalaya,” Hek said.

The patients here depend on NEIGRIHMS as under the leadership of the incumbent Chief Minister, the state government is likely to explore possibilities of having a full-fledged cardiology department.

Stating that Creating a department without manpower is like creating liabilities, he said, “Once we have the manpower in place, then we can create the cardiology department, if there is no manpower there is no point of creating the cardiology department.”

He further asserted that the problem with the cardiology department in the state is human resources, even as the Health Minister said, “We don’t have the manpower, till today the sufficient manpower for handling the cardiology department in our state.”

Asked if the cardiology facility available in Shillong civil hospital or any state own hospitals, Hek said “We don’t have a full-fledged Cardiology department in the civil hospital.”

Asked, he said, “Even in the past we tried to bring specialists from outside but they are not ready to come and serve the state. Even the specialists from our state are not ready to serve the Government they either go outside or prefer to work with the private hospitals.”