Meghalaya Excise department to go ‘digital’

Meghalaya Excise department is planning to hop onto the digital bandwagon making its functioning easier, swifter and transparent.  It’s the age of technology, and everyone wants to go digital, including the Excise Department.

Excise Minister Kyrmen shylla said, the proper study is being conducted as the state is closely monitoring the nearby states which have gone digital and based on their performance the final decision will be taken.

“We are trying to come out with a new proposal in the Excise department so that we will have it in our dashboard,” Shylla told reporters.

Elaborating further, the Minister said, “We are trying to go digital, we are making a strategy on that, if it really functions well, especially in the states nearby who have done it and if this really works well and is benefitting the department we would like to go ahead.”

“Now everything has changed with new technology. I believe that the modern world that we are living in should have everything digitised, then things will be faster and smoother, people will not need to spend much of their time,” he added.

If the Excise department goes digital then all work, including issue of permits, passes, fresh applications, renewal besides payments will be made online.

“This will have data, we believe that through this we might be able to increase our revenue  generation,” Shylla added.

The online facility will also generate reports, including that of revenue collection, and maintain inventories.

“We feel the need but for that we need to study before going ahead because we don’t want to unnecessarily spend Government money. We are still studying it and hopefully it shouldn’t take time,” the Excise Minister said.



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