Meghalaya Govt asks Food and Supply dept to ensure prices of essential commodities and vegetables do not go up


Meghalaya Government has asked the Food and Supply department  to ensure that the prices of essential commodities and vegetables do not go up in wake of  floods in Assam.

Talking to reporters, Deputy Chief Minister Prestone Tynsong said, “As far as essential commodities are concerned, we are ready to make sure that the prices do not go up and we have already instructed the Food and Civil supplies department to take care of this issue.”

Assam floods have affected over 7 lakh people across 29 districts leaving nine people dead. Heart-wrenching videos emerged from the flood-hit state are well circulated in Social Media.

Roads and train tracks have been washed away due to flood and landslide, while many railway lines have also been damaged. Several trains have been cancelled due to floods in Assam.

Asked if Assam flood has any impact in Meghalaya, Deputy Chief Minister Tynsong said, “No, right now, nothing, there is no impact.”

Asked if there are sufficient food grains in stock, the deputy Chief Minister said, “Right now we are ok.”

Meanwhile, cooking gas LPG price was on Thursday hiked by Rs 3.50 per cylinder, the second increase in rate this month following the firming of international energy rates.

Asked about Fuel price hike, the Deputy Chief Minister said, CM is supposed to take up the issue with the Union Finance Minister … it’s not only Meghalaya , all the chief Ministers they need to have the same voice about the concern of the hike in prices of be it diesel, be it petrol, be it Gas…So therefore, this issue has to be taken up with the Government of India if at all may be they can bring down the some sought of relieve to certain items for the interest of the public in the entire nation.